The Barn Sessions

The Barn Sessions

Kevin Gannon had an idea, but not a plan to turn that idea into a reality.

After years entrenched in the Lancaster music scene and, inspired by watching interviewers like Dan Rather, Gannon reached out to his friend Frank Altdoerffer of LCTV 66.

“I said to him, ‘You have a television station, there’s all these beautiful venues and the city has so many great bands,’” says Gannon, who also plays in the band MOE Blues. “Let’s do something.”

That “something” is finally taking shape in the form of "The Barn Sessions," an interview show with Lancaster musicians talking and playing live before an intimate audience. For the project, Gannon teamed up with Gene and Ann Pelland at the Stoner Grille, which will serve as the filming location. But he still wasn’t done yet.

“I’m not very experienced with the technical end of things, so someone suggested posting on the ‘Lancaster Film & TV’ Facebook group,” explains Gannon.

Enter Professor James Machado, MFA, who works in the Department of Communication and Theatre at Millersville University. Machado noticed Gannon’s post for help, and after a few brief conversations, the partnership was cemented. Machado and his colleague, Dr. Robert Spicer, will serve as co-producers of the show.

"Kevin is very enthusiastic about this idea," says Machado. "Our end of the partnership brings the execution, that I can bring technical expertise and figure out what our needs are going to be in terms of light, sound, post-production and other things."

"The Barn Sessions" will kick off its inaugural session this Sunday, March 10, with Corty Byron serving as the first guest.

“[Corty] was sitting in the room as all of this was being hatched, so it only made sense to have him as the first guest,” says Gannon. “We’ll do a 15-minute interview, then he’ll do a song from his new album, 10 more minutes of an interview, another live song and then it’s over.”

Gannon hopes that "The Barn Sessions" will serve as a way for Lancaster music fans to either find their new favorite local artist, or perhaps learn more about the artists they already know. For Machado, the experience will be a valuable one for students to ply their trade out in the field and not in the classroom. As of this writing, one student will be working on the project for class credit, with a handful of other students working on a volunteer basis.

Once the show is recorded and edited, it will be available to view online via LCTV 66's social media channels. In the future, Gannon hopes that the show will be able to be streamed live, as well. Until then, you'll need to be either an audience member or a television watcher to see what goes down in the Barn Sessions.

"I’m hoping that people can come out and see it," says Gannon. "[LCTV 66] goes out to 85,000 people, and we want all 85,000 tuning in, so we’re going to give them something to tune in to."

"The Barn Sessions" inaugural taping takes place this Sunday, March 10, at 3 p.m. at the Stoner Grille barn with Corty Byron serving as the first guest. Find out more here.

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