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In the two years since the release of "Ripe," the guys of Medusa's Disco have kept busy with shows, solo projects and a handful of bassists. Today, the band, which currently features Alex Aument on drums, Justin Wohlfeil on bass and Wynton Huddle and Hunter Root and vocals and guitar, released its first new single since 2017, "Painters Painting Paintings."

The song, which kicks off with murky bass and tom drums before a trademark blistering twin-guitar solo, is part of an upcoming album to be released in the fall. The single and album were recorded by Wohlfeil at his studio over the last several months, during which time he joined the band.

Huddle said this about the track:

"To me, the song is about doing what you love, and doing it now. I've met so many people in passing that live a miserable life with hopes to build up to a happier one later. But for some of us, tomorrow never comes. I go on to basically say in the song, if I were to die right now, it's okay with me, because I did everything in my power to embrace happiness right now, with every moment. I would rather live a short life full of love then a long one full of misery. Retire early and be painters painting paintings."

Listen to the track and check out the album artwork by Lancaster artist Eric Tonzola below.

Painters Painting Paintings

Artwork by Eric Tonzola

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