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Despite the fact that next week's weather forecast looks like late July, we are in fact on the cusp of Labor Day Weekend, the traditional end to summer. 

And if you're anything like us, there will be some point in the next three days when you'll be drinking a beer, and not doing much else. (Possibly because it's expected to be rainy for at least some of the weekend.)

You know what else you could do while drinking that beer? You could listen to an episode of Bottle Share, our craft beer podcast. In each episode we drink and review a beer with our guest - but the beer is just a starting point for conversations that can range from music to art to comedy to video games. 

We recently wrapped up a series of five episodes that ran in July and August, and this holiday weekend is the perfect time to catch up.

Check out the guest list:

There's also an episode where we just sample a bunch of summer beers without a guest, so if you want one last round of summer beer suggestions before the shelves are filled with nothing but pumpkin beers, you can check that one out, too.


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