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One of the newest artists on the High Fever: Festival roster is also the one most entwined with the event itself - Bluejaae, a new duo made up of Jae Santiago and Dj Salinger.

Already friends and business partners through High Fever, Salinger and Santiago began trading tracks back and forth in February of this year. Santiago credits the end of a relationship and surpassing other life hurdles with allowing her to break out of her shell.

"I was super timid in my earlier years because I didn’t believe in myself enough," says Santiago. "I used to be afraid to even just get on stage and say 'hi' to the audience at High Fever because my stage fright was so killer."

Although Salinger is ubiquitous in Lancaster with multiple events per week, he too is new to the game of performing original music in a live setting.

"It’s been great to finally see the reaction from people, says Salinger. "It’s one thing to play music as a DJ and stuff that I know people are going to love. But with this, well, I love it, but I don’t know if other people are going to dig it."

Since uniting, Bluejaae has put up six songs on its Soundcloud page. Songs like "Baby Boi" showcase Bluejaae's mix of slightly down-tempo R&B with Latin influences. "Nuevo Cuerpo," which translates to "new body," finds Santiago rapping in English and singing a hook in Spanish. 

Bluejaae made its debut as a featured performer just a few weeks ago at the Kaleidoscope, and immediately followed that up the next day, serving as a last-minute replacement for a headliner at a show at Station One Center for the Arts. Santiago jokingly refers to these sets as a "Low Fever," just hints of what's to come in the future.

It remains to be seen where Bluejaae will pop up after this Saturday's High Fever festival, but one thing remains true: DJ Salinger hasn't slipped any of the Bluejaae tracks into his regular DJ sets ... yet.

"The music is not necessarily dance-y," says Salinger with a laugh. "A lot of those songs don’t really mix with what I’d be playing on other nights, but that could change."

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