DJ Salinger and Max Kornhauser

For the landmark 34th episode of the Fly After 5 podcast, we decided to do something a little different - not only is this our first video podcast, but we also enlisted DJ Salinger and Max Kornhauser (he of Tellus360's "Public Records" fame) to spin vinyl throughout the show in front of our green screen. What followed was essentially a public access television show, live on green screen. Salinger and Kornhauser hyped the season two premiere of their own podcast, "Listen Hard," as well as their numerous residencies at places like The Village, Catalina's on Orange and the Shamrock Cafe. All the while, they spin new finds from Mr. Suit, Moira Records and the Bohozone, including a compilation of Royersford bands from the '80s. Watch below.

Check out DJ Salinger's always-busy schedule via his Facebook page here, and head to Tellus360's site to keep up with Max' "Public Records" project.

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